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In order to meet our demand for satisfied customers, we maintain a trusting and long-standing business relationship with our partners and suppliers. We only work with renowned and certified producers who are constantly developing their experience to ensure consistently high-quality standards – from Europe to the Far East. The result: modern raw materials and individual designs.


Our long-standing partner WeiFang YaXing has been producing under the “Hoechst” license since 1995. Through multiple capacity expansions since 1995, WeiFang YaXing is today the largest and most modern CPE manufacturer in the world, with a current capacity of 170,000 tons. In addition to grades for thermoplastic applications, rubber grades with low Mooney viscosity are also produced.


We have been a partner of RDC (Italy) for many years and are responsible for sales in Germany.

An overview of RDC’s range of services:



Premix is the registered trademark of RDC for pre-dispersed chemicals.

Chemical auxiliary materials, accelerators, activators, antioxidants, special products in powder or micronized form and blends, pre-dispersed in RDC’s protected low melting polymer matrix. The RDC binder is compatible with all elastomers. It offers high dispersing properties, has no influence on vulcanisation and does not bloom.

  • Accelerator
  • Sulphur and sulphur dispensers
  • Vulcanisation retarder
  • Antioxidants
  • Blowing agent
  • Metal oxides
  • Flame retardants
  • Peptizing agents
  • Special additives

The versatile RDC technology enables the development of specially adjusted binder systems in cooperation with customers.



Aromatic amines, silica, alumina, liquid additives of various viscosities, accelerators, activators, antioxidants, blowing agents and various special chemicals auxiliary materials, packed in low melting bags of fixed weight.

  • The use of pre-weighed products stands for:
  • rationalised warehousing
  • lower and cleaner use of raw materials
  • lower costs for the disposal of packaging materials
  • lower risks and environmental impact
  • homogeneous and uniform compounds due to an exact weighing system


Big boxes: 200-500 kg according to bulk density and customer requirements
Kartons: 25 kg according to bulk density and customer requirements
Big-Bags: 200-500 kg according to bulk density and customer requirements



The use of state-of-the-art technology enables RDC to produce a mixture of accelerators, antioxidants, waxes and filling materials, pre-dispersed in a low molecular weight matrix. The active ingredient granulates are adjusted to customer requirements. The material of the mixture with the lowest melting point can also be selected as the carrier material. The result is a granulate that is composed exclusively of components from the customer’s recipe.

The use of granular blends stands for:

  • uniform compounds
  • a lower use of raw materials
  • improved weight control
  • Improvement of ageing resistance
  • lower costs for the disposal of packaging materials
  • lower risks and environmental impact
  • rationalised warehousing

Uniformity and homogeneity are guaranteed by a uniform production process, which is under constant control at every stage of production (automatic dosing of each individual component, standardisation of production time and temperature according to the different typologies of dispersion of the individual components). Together with RDC technicians, customers can identify all possible solutions for their specific applications.

In order to guarantee the composition of the granules according to customer specifications, RDC can characterise the finished product by means of a series of analytical controls.

The continuous research to improve the performance of the different chemical auxiliary materials for rubber processing, using a new technology, has enabled RDC to develop dispersion on a low molecular weight matrix with a wide range of chemicals mixed together. These compounds are not only based on accelerator systems, but also on antioxidants, antioxidants, waxes and filling materials. The different chemical auxiliary materials can now be mixed together using RDC’s new technology into a single granulate that can replace the weighing process effectively if desired by the customer.


Wuhan Youji is the most important producer of epichlorohydrin rubber in China. Since 1993, Wuhan Yuji has been offering epichlorohydrin in three variants. The products are characterised by a balanced resistance to heat, oil and cold.

Since mid-2018, Wuhan Youji has been producing ECO again at the newly constructed production plant.


The Zhonghao Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry was founded in 1965 from the merger of many research institutes and has since then developed into a respected research institute in fluorochemistry due to the associated commercial production. Chenguang was the first producer of fluoro rubber in China and has the largest and most modern production capacity to date. The main plant in Zigong, Szechuan Province produces both co-polymers and terpolymers.


The company, located in the southwest of Shandong Province, is privately owned, employs 800 people and produces 110,000 tons of accelerators per year alone. In addition, there are 40,000 tonnes of antioxidants, 10,000 tonnes of insoluble sulphur, 5,000 tonnes of master batch and 30,000 tonnes of 4-ADPA. Shandong Sunsine Chemical has a worldwide supply share in all well-known tire manufacturers. The market shares in the field of technical rubber articles are constantly being expanded. The standards for product quality, quality assurance and environmental protection are designed in accordance with ISO standards. The in-house development centre opened for customer support is available for technical support.


Our partner – IQESIL – Industrias Quimicas del Ebro – has over 40 years experience in processing natural silica into valuable and high-quality raw materials for industry. The production processes and products are continuously further developed and improved in IQE’s own procedures by a staff of selected specialists. Modern, well-equipped laboratories with all conceivable analytical methods aim for products of the highest quality and complete IQE’s orientation towards the future. IQE is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 by Aenor, proof of the high-quality standard that includes environmental protection.

IC Profil

NGS Elastomer GmbH has been cooperating with the Hungarian manufacturer MAL since the beginning of 2000 as a sales partner for milled/precipitated aluminium trihydrate. MAL produces ground aluminium trihydrate based on ATH wet hydrate in Ajka (Hungary) in various grain sizes and relocates the production of precipitated aluminium trihydrate to IC Profil in Zvornik, Bosnia in 2019.


Our producer High Polymer Labs Limited (hpl Additives) has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of chemical specialties. Initially only chemical blowing agents for plastics and rubber were produced. In the meantime, the range has been expanded to include antioxidants, azo initiators, hydrazine activators, biocides and specialty chemicals. The company was ISO 9001 certified in 1997. With a share of about 75% of all its products in the Indian market HPLL products are gaining high acceptance in Western markets. At present, products are exported to about 20 countries around the world via an international network of our own organisation and sales partners.


This new producer of polychloroprene rubber started in 2016 to build a modern production line in the industrial zone of Changzhi (China) and to finish at the end of 2017. The product range includes mercaptan- and sulphur-modified chloroprene rubber products in different crystallisation and different viscosities. The current annual capacity is 40,000 tons. Production is according to ISO 9001. The modern CR types meet the requirements for cables, hoses, belts and seals.


The Wynca Group was founded in 1965 and is one of the leading manufacturers of silicone-based industrial products. The current capacity is 52,000 metric tons of solid silicone rubber and 3,000 metric tons of liquid silicone rubber. Wynca’s silicone products comply with BgVV and FDA requirements. Main applications are extrusion articles and moulded parts for various industries.


Since 2001, the Weihai site has been producing all the raw materials needed for the production of fluorosilicone rubber. Customers can choose between 4 different product series for their requirements. Media-resistant products have been developed to meet the increasing demands of the automotive and aviation industries. A product series with good adhesion to silicone rubber is available for charge-air hoses. Fluorosilicone products with low compression set for O-rings in automotive and industrial applications are available in various hardness values.